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5 Tips to create a video for landing page that converts!!

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Video is the most immersive form of media in todays market. It can captivate your audience using sight, and sound. The video is a powerful tool to help your website grow and convert audience to specific actions. Putting the right video on your website will have several benefits. Here are some tips that will help you reach your big goals!

Know your goal,

Lets start with the most important reason you would place a video on your website. That is to educate your audience and motivate them to act. You need to decide what the most important action you need your audience to do.  Do you want your audience to shop? To subscribe? Donate? To Call you business? You can share with them why they act. This is why I love video production. Because you can literally inform audiences, prompt an emotion, and spur them to act.

Share your story

You have to build trust with someone visiting your site within seconds. One way to build trust is thru sharing your story and product in a quality way. The story can be shared inLanding Page Video example many ways, most videos I deal with are more information driven, but that information can be shared in an engaging way and story driven. Every video needs to have a story; let me use an analogy. Imagine the story is like a cake you want to feed to your viewer. How do you want to feed them the cake? If the story is told wrong it is like taking a handful of cake and shoving it into their mouth. It will leave your viewer confused, slightly offended, and will leave the table. This is the same way with sharing your story.  To tell a story right it needs to be done in a way that it is sliced nicely, served on a plate and you hand the viewer the fork and invite them to eat. And if served in the right amount then they will want a second helping. The secret ingredients to a story is concise, twists & turns, and variety. While you are engaging with your audience with a story, you can strategically place a call to action and guide them to buy, contact, subscribe or learn more.

Improve your SEO

By putting a video on your website will have several benefits for SEO. Having video on home page will decrease bounce rate. Bounce rate is when someone clicks on your company website and then backs away from that website. Having a high bounce rate will hurt your google ranking. Video also has more SEO benefits like audience retention and page duration.  Video is an engaging medium by placing this on the company home page and visible on the landing page people will click to view. Having this video will capture the attention of the viewer making it more likely that your ideal customer will continue surfing site. But not just any video will do the trick. Just like it is key to have quality written content on your website it is more critical to have quality video to drive your traffic to your ultimate goal.  What makes a quality video? Well that is why clients hire me to do what I do because all though making videos appears easy it is actually quite difficult. I consult people on how spread message, capture their attention and what makes people watch your message, then most importantly act! If you need video marketing Consulting contact our office.

Design and brand matching

A video gives a platform were companies can showcase who they are. Having consistent branding that matches the brand identity is key. This goes far beyond putting a logo in the video.  You have to consider what your brand represents what is your mission statement. Because the video can have a feeling thru its tempo, music, and overall presentation. A video promoting a motorcycle co. will have a different design and feel than a medical video. This doesn’t mean you cant get creative with items or services that may appear unexciting.  I am sure you have seen some companies who use video that seem left field to how you might interpret their company persona.  Design is also important; Including titles, brand integration into the picture, type font,  are key things to consider when incorporating your brand into the video. You may have to find a video production company that has produced something you would like to remember your brand. Good luck with your video creation thank you for reading!

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Extreme Mules with TS Mules.

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Recently, I produced a video that gained 100,000 organic views in just one week and today has over 1.2 million views with all the different versions. I share this unusual video post to give you a glimpse behind the scenes. The purpose of the video was to highlight a mule training team Ty and Skye Evans- owners of TS Mules; a company that trains mules and their riders to go over extraordinary natural obstacles. I found out about TS Mules through a mutual friend.  I contacted Ty with a proposal to film a showcase of his abilities and he agreed. The plan was for me to follow along as he taught a group of riders-an interesting scenario because I couldn’t draft a story line, direct the action, or set up each scene.  I simply had to capture the action in a creative way with very limited time to do it. I took this as an opportunity to film in a very difficult situation and produce something creative

Why the video was successful.

 To date (2017), the video has more than 400,000 views on Packer Films™ Facebook page and other platforms There have been 17,000 interactions (comments, reactions, and shares). 62,000 people clicked on the post. Its humbling to have that many people watch something I created with amazing people. The fact the video did so well was surprising for a number of reasons. For starters, the video was not intended for a large audience.  Upon retrospect, there are a few reasons why it did so well.

  • The content was sharable: This is key to reaching people organically. This video had 6,000 shares. Ty Evans shared it on his TS Mules Facebook page, which has 21,000 followers. That really kick started the sharing process.
  • The content was concise: The video was a little over 2 minutes long.Having content on the web that is short and concise really performs well.
  • The content surprised the audience: The concept of mules jumping off rocks is a surprise to most people. This helped spark people’s interest and prompted them to share with others.
  • The production of the video was of high quality: Because of the tools I used and the approach I took, it gave the video good production value. This includes having crisp video and excellent audio.  Having quality video made it a stand-out piece.
  • All of these pieces are critical for video marketing. 

How I filmed it.

Because I could not direct the action, I had to approach the filming in a “run and gun” fashion. We rode an average of 6 miles per day. My father and I followed the group as they went. I would get off my horse at each obstacle, film the action, and get back on my horse. I only had 2 minutes to get the shots I needed before moving on.  Ty shared his thoughts about the challenging filming environment “I would have thought getting good film of what we were doing may be hard because it’s not something you can retake; you either catch it, or you don’t.“I had to figure out how to get the best shots with the tools available to me.  I chose to use a 4k mirror-less camera, wide-angle lens, and a 3-axis stabilizing gimbal as my main tools.  My mule packed 60 pounds of additional items which allowed me to have the right equipment in the backcountry.

I created the video more for personal use rather than to promote TS Mules.  I did, however, create a separate video from the same footage that showcased their clinic and promoted business. That video has accrued over 187,000 views on Facebook. I also included specific “call to actions” to help convert viewers into followers and buyers; this acts as a salesman working around the clock to promote TS Mules. It is humbling to me to have something I have created be seen and enjoyed by this many people. I have set the bar with that many views and I plan to exceed that with future projects! To view that video, click here. If you are looking for a similar promotional video for your business, view how to hire the right video production company.

A Review from TS Mules

“My husband, Ty Evans, and I have a trail riding clinic every spring where we invite people to come learn how to ride… build their confidence… and learn how to work through obstacles…on the trail. Ty and I were absolutely amazed at how well the video came out! Trent is so great to work with. He is very kind, and my goodness! He is so talented! The shots he got were amazing! He is very professional, knowledgeable, and we are very grateful to have met him. After seeing his work, we know who we want to go with for our videos!” Click here to view more reviews about Packer Films™.

Packer Films™ offers video production services for companies large and small. We are available for assignment throughout the U.S. Contact our office to discuss your project. 801-719-9752


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