Why Do You Need a Video On Your Website?

How often do you search for something, only to find yourself watching a short video to learn the answer? In a world driven by instant gratification, we have found consumers prefer to watch a video to gain the information they need rather than reading a blog article or long news story. Today, a video on your website is expected by the consumers and the search engines. If you do not start now, your website and your brand can be left behind in your industry. Don’t be the last business in your industry to get started with online video marketing. Video does more than provide the consumer with the information they need, it provides them with the imagery and feeling you want them to have. Video production gives them the visual and auditory look and feel you want, but also helps to appeal to people’s emotion, which makes the video memorable.

Our videos are designed to bring people to your website and show your visitors why your organization is leading the way in your industry. We focus on creating videos that leave a person with a desire to work with your company, and to share their experience with other people. Find out how Trent uses a unique creative process to bring your videos to the next level and enhance your brand.

Our Video Production Process

The video production process involves three stages, pre-production, production, and post-production. During the pre-production process, Trent will work with you to create the project. We will brainstorm ideas together until we come up with a concept that you are happy with, and one that Trent can execute. The planning phase is essential as it provides us with the overall vision for your video.

The production phase begins after Trent has scouted the location and begins to record footage. The process will capture all the scenes needed to create a high-quality video. Production involves lighting, framing, and composition and can change based on weather conditions.

The final phase is post-production. Our post-production process involves editing the film together to make a complete video you can share on your website and through social media. Graphics and images are added along with music and color correction. If you are creating your own video content, you will run into a lot of issues in this phase as post-production requires a keen eye. We like to look upon post-production as the final coat of paint to a room! You need more than the basics here, it has to look, feel, and act the right way to deliver the message to your audience and bring about the designed outcome you are targeting.

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