Construction Video Production. How to use Video to benefit Your Company.

construction videographer services | Packer Films UtahAs a construction company it is vital that you understand how video can elevate your brand. Surprisingly it can also help the bottom line. Our Construction video production services are designed to enhance the visibility of your company, cut costs, and improve production. Find out how our video production services will save your organization time, money, and frustration!

Construction Video Marketing

As the world turns more and more to their mobile devices for information, a construction company can be left behind without the right videos for their target audience. When someone is building a new home or commercial space, they always seek out visual representation of previous work. They want to see the quality of the work and if the organization is capable of handling their job. Creating high resolution videos allows potential clients to see a clear representation of your work in the best light.

What are the best videos to create? While it’s nice to do a tour through some completed properties, it also helps to have customer testimonials to help build the trust factor with new clients. The right marketing program will include a variety of videos to assist with public relations, company culture, charitable organization outreach, and of course brand recognition. Sending out the right image is vital to convincing your target audience that your company is the best in the business when it comes to your particular construction services. It pays to hire a professional to design and create a polished video that will enhance your brand.  You can view these tips on how to hire the right production team. A quality video conveys trust and customer confidence within a few seconds. Having the right video marketing strategy can give your construction company a competitive advantage in your industry and will assist in boosting customer confidence.

Visual Project Documentation

Documenting the process from start to finish can be an invaluable investment from a long-term perspective. This allows a construction company to see thru the drywall after a completed project. They will know exactly where electrical, plumbing and framing was placed? If a particular project requires future repairs, the company has the video files to consult to make fix those repairs. Creating correct footage is important as anyone could walk around with a smartphone and make a video.  However here are at least two problems with filming with a smartphone. The first problem is the quality, there is not much of a comparison to professional video cameras.  The second problem is storing the files in accessible, and long term way. Don’t compromise in quality or run the high risk of loosing your data. We recommend a construction company at minimum documenting the 4-way inspection and when the project is complete.

The best thing a construction firm can do is create high-quality on-site videos that can be viewed in the future. These videos can be used to market the company to future clients wanting similar projects. Correct documentation of a project is a must for any successful construction firm!

Enhanced Employee Training

The average construction firm spends 31.5 hours per year training employees. The time it takes to train a new employee can be frustrating to other staff members as they can fall behind on their work projects while they focus on training the new employees. Don’t let the time it takes to train a new staff member go to waste. Simplify this process by using a professional training video.

Creating videos for any department that experiences employee turnover can help reduce the training time, lost production, and ultimately reduce customer frustration. Video provides new staff members with a visual representation of their job. Employees will be able to gain the precise information from the company about the job expectations. People can grow tired of the training process with other employees. Using videos gives an employee a step-by-step guide to doing their job correctly, which can lead to an expedited learning curve. The money spent on video production costs less than training costs based on the amount of time it takes for standard training, lost production, and potentially lost profits.

Case Study Sinc Constructors Co. 

Trent sought out the opportunity to work with Sinc Constructors, which is a commercial landscape company. Sinc Constructors was looking for a short promotional video to be displayed on their company website. A storyboard and script had to be created. Trent met with Tiffany and Mike Sowby to understand what specific characteristics they wanted in the video that would represent their company. They indicated that the culture of the company, the services provided, and the story of Sinc Constructors were key ideas to be conveyed through the video. Some of the shots required time-lapse photography in order to adequately display the beauty of past landscape projects. Trent traveled to 4 filming locations and interviewed 3 employees.  The turn around time was 10 business days.

“We were very happy with the finished product! Very well done! The quality and professional tone to the video was fantastic, Trent was excellent to work with and delivered a high quality product that exceeded our expectations.”– Tiffany Sowby President Owner and Mike Sowby , COO Sinc- Constructors CO

To learn more about construction company videography services, contact Packer Films today, (801) 719-9752.

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