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By March 13, 2017Video Production

Are you looking for a Video Editor in Salt Lake City Utah?  Are you looking for a pro video editor that can work remotely or work in  person on your project? Packer Films is a local professional video production company available for your project.

Video Editing Services:

  • -Video Editing
  • -Color Correction
  • -Audio Mixing
  • -Animation

 Video Editing Software we use. 

We primarily use Adobe premiere cc, Avid, Final Cut X, Sony Vegas, and Devinci Resolve, With  Our  machines are capable of handling heavy video files. We are familiarly with most codecs, formats, and distribution dimensions.  Most of the footage we deal with is 4k uncompressed media.  We are editing on a mac platform

Video Editor Salt Lake City Utah


Our Background

Packer Films has worked on a number of projects Including TV commercials, documentary work, and promotional videos. We focus primary on commercial video production.We can match your style Fast, slow, concise, or add feeling. We edit the video to match your vision. We understand that the edit can make or break the project.

Why work with Packer Films?

Because you will not find a more dedicated company to customer satisfaction. Our skills, expertise and equipment gives us the ability to produce professional results. We charactorize ourselves as:

  • -Honest
  • -Quality Focused.
  • -We will hit your deadline.
  • -We do not break the bank.


Contact today

Contact our office to discuss your project. Call 801-719-9752 or email

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