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To help make the hiring process easier I will share some key things you need to know before they hire a corporate videographer or video production company.  I will write to assuming you’re a company looking to hire a corporate videographer but the principles can be applied generally.

Whether you are new to hiring video production or a seasoned proprietor to hiring video production the following key steps will give you what you need to know to hire a videographer for your project. There is a sea of videographers and video production companies that are all looking to earn your business. If you don’t have an in house team you will need to hire a creative to help guide you thru the production process. Here are some key things you need to know before you hire a videographer.

Tips on Hiring a Videographer

By knowing the video production process you can speak the language of video.  By speaking the language you will better understand how to share the right information to receiveTrent Packer with Video camera estimates know dead lines and have reasonable expectations. Luckily there are only three major phases that videographers and video production professionals use as the industry standard. 1. Pre production. (Planning phase)  2. Production (Filming Phase) 3. Post Production (Editing and distribution phase).  It is a very straight forward process if you want to learn more about each phase click http://www.packerfilms.com/video-production/

  1. Know the purpose of your video. The purpose of the video is one of biggest things to know before you call a videographer. Knowing the purpose of the video will largely determine who you hire. What do you want the video to accomplish? To attract more clients? Increase Sales? Bring Brand awareness? Inform? When you answer what kind of video you need you now know the end result. But you may not know how to get there. It’s important to look for professionals who have done similar things that you are requesting or hire someone you can trust to accomplish your goal.

If there is nothing else you take away from this blog Knowing what you want that video is a key for you to discover the right professional to hire for your project.  And with skill and experience, the videographer can suggest content that would help you accomplish the end goal. One of the ways a good videographer will help you accomplish your purpose is thru the good story.

Hiring a professional Film Maker

Like there are different levels of quality in construction and construction companies. The video production industry has very differing levels of professionals and quality. What makes good quality? Here are some clues to look for. 1. Picture quality 2. Audio Quality. 3. Ability to tell a Story 5. Does the product seem polished? The better the quality of video the more it will affect the budget. Just like there is a quality difference between mercenaries and a Geo metro. Both have 4 wheels and an engine but the experience is vastly different.

  1. Know your budget. As the quality goes up so does the budget. Have a budget in mind of what you want to accomplish. Creating video is not a cheap process. If you are new to hire video production for your company you may get sticker price shock. You must know that to create something polished and professional it may cost significant money. If video production is done correctly you can see a significant “return on investment”.
  2. Have an idea of what you want to the video to accomplish. Is this a training video, marketable video. This will play a role on who you pick to accomplish the job. Just like there are different varying degree of chefs there are different videographers in different genres.

Video Marketing and Distribution

If you are in marketing you will understand the importance of who your audience is and how they behave. The video is produced for others to watch. You need to have an understanding of who your audience is and then you can leverage that knowledge to create engaging content for your audience.

  1. Know your deadline. When you get on the phone with a videographer you will want to let them know when you need to get this done and if they can work with that schedule. You can avoid long conversations that arrive at to the part of scheduling and realize that they are a good fit but can’t work with a deadline because they are too busy.
  2. Know where you want to distribute. That is one thing that I love is diving in the analytics of a large online video marketing campaign.

This can be as simple as throwing a dart at a board or being very specific to know what avenues to distribute the media you produce.  It can be as simple as knowing you want to produce for the internet or TV. Having this knowledge will help you while you plan a successful video. I wish you the very best on your search for the right person for the job.


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