Utah Video Production Cost Guide

Here is a comprehensive cost guide that will help you choose the right video production house for your project. This should help you as a client get a better idea of pricing here in Utah. If one of my fellow colleagues finds this post I welcome corrections and suggestions in the comments. I will speak generally and then share my fees at the end.

How Videographers and Production companies Charge.

Typically what happens is a client has a project that needs completing. They will hunt over the internet and find someone that seems to fit what they need by looking at their portfolio. They will request a quote for their project. The video professional will then submit a proposal that will include the estimate for the project. It is the most common way of doing business. When you are requesting a quote from any professional it helps a lot to have the following answers when the videographer asks the following 1. Number of Locations. 2. Length of the video (even if approx). 3. Distribution platform (Online or TV) 4. Idea and concept of the video. 5. Desired outcomes (I.E. sell more items, gain more clients, promote business etc.)

General Prices and Considerations.

There are many talented video professionals here in Utah. It’s growing rapidly and the demand is always there and ever growing. Companies are realizing that to stay ahead of their competition they need to compete with quality content. I share some key points on hiring the right video production house for your project. I will summarize that post in choose someone that is quality driven, deadline accountable, and has produced the caliber content you need. As a rule of thumb for quality content, it’s $1500 per final minute produced. Its more cost effective than say California where the going rate per final minute produced is $4,500 Of course, that is just a general starting point it may be less or a lot more depending on the scale of the project. But there are so many variables to that effect price such as Camera packages, Lighting, Studio Equipment, and size of Crew. Also, the post-production plays a role in what the final project budget will be.  Larger companies will have packages or day rates for producers, directors, cinematographers, Camera packages, lens selections, lighting packages, and so on.

Packer Films Pricing

If you have made this far in the blog you’re interested in pricing.Here is some general pricing here at Packer Films.

Consulting Hourly Rate: $125

Production Hourly Rate $185 (Camera packages, and lighting packages also available)

Video Editing Hourly Rate: $55

Per Project: Free Estimate Available 

If you need help to find the right video production company call us at 801.719.9752. We would love to help guide you even if we discover Packer Films is not the best fit I have many connections to the video professionals here in Utah.

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