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By November 2, 2016Video Production

This blog post describes the most stressful shoot I have been on! There is a saying that comes from the battle ship USS York Town machine shop “The difficult we do right away the impossible will take a little longer” That is a perfect description of this particular video shoot for Toyo Tire. I was contacted by a Personal Relations firm in Baltimore Maryland to film a television spot for Toyo tire in Salt Lake City Utah. The firm booked me for 4 hours. The Purpose of the video was for Toyo to share what they were doing to support local meals on wheels volunteers with their new Celsius tires.

On the day of the shoot I decided to arrive 30 minutes early on location to have my gear ready long before talent arrived. When I arrived I was horrified to find the tire shop was under construction. A construction crew had a skid steer with a hydraulic jack hammer demoing the concrete in the floor of the shop. Between the tire store and PR firm there was a scheduling miss communication. To tell you I had a moment of panic was an understatement. As I waited for the marketing representative from Toyo Tire to arrive I decided to get my gear ready just in case the shoot was at this location. When the marketer got there it was decided to remain at the site and ask the construction crew to take an early lunch to allow us to film. Canceling the shoot was not an option because there were meals on wheels representatives who had traveled from over Salt lake and the Toyo Tire rep flew in from California. What was a scheduled 4 hour shoot now had to be performed in 1 1/2 hours because the construction crew had to finish their job that day. I had to perform each shot very quickly. I decided to use only one light because I couldn’t slow the mechanic crew down by moving lights and reframing. This was a shoot I was glad I had battery LED lights because speed was critical. I was instructed to get audio with the b roll to help support the story. Because of my DSLR set up I chose to put an audio recorder on a light stand and let that record in the back ground to catch ambient shop noise and that worked very nice. I would follow the process of the mechanics taking the tire off, replacing it with the new Toyo Tire and placing it back on the car. I had to move very quickly setting camera and tripod very frequently to get different shots. I had a shot list to go by and one of the request was to get a close up of the celcius tire logo. The challenge was to see the logo well enough on camera. I first shot the logo without a light and it didn’t stand out enough. So I moved one of the LED panels as a rim light to get contrast to help the logo pop.

After filming the tire replacement we had film three interviews. Even though I had a wireless lavaliere mic. I chose to keep the people inside because of the busy road in front of the shop would ruin the audio. This made it extremely hard because there was really only one angle to film because of the construction going on behind camera. I had to get creative to shoot the three interviews to look different with the same car as the back drop. After we concluded the interviews the mechanics rushed the car out of the garage and the construction crew came in and started to hammer away before I could get my lights and equipment out of the way. I then uploaded the video files to an online server to be edited.

Needless to say I learned that making the very best of the scenario. I am grateful for the Marketing Director I worked with at Toyo Tire that really helped me accomplish the shoot with the limited time.

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