With all the video production teams and videographers in the workforce, it is critical that you choose the right one for your project. Choosing the right company will save you time, money, and help you reach your business goals. Here are some key things to look for when hiring a professional videographer or production team.

Quality Video Production

As a company looking to hire a potential videographer or production crew the most important thing you need to look at is the quality. Quality video will present your company as a quality brand. Quality video can make or break a company’s image in the viewer’s eyes. Quality video production includes HD image, crisp sound, and good editing. A good way to measure a company’s video quality is to look at the videographer’s portfolio. As you look at their past work, see if they have produced anything similar to the work you want completed. Looking at their past work should give you confidence that they can produce a similar quality of work for you. Quality is the biggest factor in choosing a videographer or video production company, but certainly it is not the only thing you need to look for.


Your budget will largely determine which company you can hire for your project. It is no secret that video production is costly. So what are you buying when you hire a video production company? Be sure to ask what a videographer charges and what services are included in those charges. Understanding your budget can help you determine which video production team will give you the best product for the money.

Scale of Project

A big factor in the budget is the scale of the project.  You will want to choose the right size crew for your project. Missing this concept may cost you thousands of dollars. Your project may require a large crew or a one man operation. Look at the video production companie’s portfolio. If you find something similar to what you are looking for, ask how much man power it took to create that project. This is a fundamental concept that can be overlooked and possibly land you the wrong-size video production team for your project. For example, I was hired to film a power plant in California for an industrial company. We used a small crew of two people and took only the vital film equipment: four HD cameras, LED lights, and a drone. While I was on set, I learned there had been another film crew two years earlier at the same plant filming a similar video for our client’s competitor. We were surprised to hear they used a crew of eight people, a fully loaded equipment truck, and used two full days for shooting. The budget for that video was six times what our client had to pay. Surely their budget was bigger their video turned out better right? Not so, even though they had more man power, more support equipment, and a bigger budget, our product was comparable in quality and content to theirs. It is critical to choose the right size of video production company to maximize your budget.

Customer Service

With business-to-business relationships, it is key to find a production team or individual whose processes work for you as a customer. Start-to-finish that saves you time, money, and frustration. A good video production company is always in constant communication with you, punctual, keeps commitments, and has a sense of urgency to finish your project on time. A great way to determine the process of a company is to look at their reviews and seeing if there are key words that appear, like “easy to use,” “enjoyable process,” “exceeded our expectations,” etc. Click Here to read reviews of Packer Films™

Turnaround Time

I hear horror stories of people who hire a professional video production company or videographer and don’t receive their footage until after an unspeakable amount of delay. I am embarrassed to hear that people in my chosen field will take six months, one year, or longer to deliver a five-minute video. I have also heard of other videographers that require half the payment up front and then never complete the project. It is true that good video production takes time to produce, but some videographers take advantage of this and delay their turnaround time. If a videographer is good, he or she will be busy, but you as a client have the right to ask what their turnaround time is, expect updates during the video production process, and receive your product on schedule.

The Production Team Is in Business to STAY in Business

Why is this so important? Because if a company truly believes in their mission, they will work hard to satisfy their clients and stay in business. Just like other professions, companies need to work together to benefit one another. This is hard to measure with numbers, but here are some clues to look for. Ask these key questions to keep in mind while determining which company to hire: Is the company professional in nature? Can you trust the videographer or production company to take good care of your brand?   Can you put your confidence in their work and their business practices ? Are they a legitimate business? Do they have business insurance? In the video industry there are many part-time, weekend warriors. Be sure they are dealing with you on a professional basis. I am sure you will agree that you want someone who can understand your vision and will use their skills, knowledge, and experience to give you a quality product that represents your company in a professional manner.


Packer Films™ offers video production services for companies large and small. We are available for assignment throughout the US. Contact our office to discuss your project. 801-719-9752


  • Shad Morris says:

    I have never been good at making videos, and I was curious about how you would hire a company to do it for you. It makes sense that your budget will largely determine which company you can hire. It seems like you would get what you pay for in that situation.

    • Trent says:

      In my opinion excellent quality, good process, and what the video results for a company will define its worth. Quality can not be understated. Thanks for the comment.

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